How to Make Paper Fairy Doors

How to Make Paper Fairy Doors

Something to do with young kids to inspire imagination.

Let’s say you have the day with the grand kids.  You don’t want to sit them down in front of the TV and for some reason going outside isn’t going to work either.  You want to make a memory and hopefully inspire their imagination.

The title of this article is “How to Make a Paper Fairy Door.”  But due to the variety of interests that young kids have, it does not have to be for a Fairy.  It could be a door for a Gnome, Troll or some strange beastly thing that no one has a name for. 

First you need construction paper.  Let each kid pick out two sheets.  They can pick any color, but the two sheets have to be two different colors.

Fairies and such are normally no bigger than your fist.  So have the kid make a fist and put it on the darker color sheet they picked out.  Next take a bright marker and draw around that fist.

Now cut that out and put it aside.  Now you need to cut around the part that you have cut out.  This will now be the frame of the door.  Remember, you don’t have to cut in a straight line.

Now you need to cut out the lighter color paper.  Use the door frame to make a line for cutting out the door.  Don’t want the door sticking out wider than the frame.  Of course this is just paper.  If you cut too big, then you can snip the extra off.

Once this is done, put glue around the edge and put the frame on.  What next?  A door knob, I believe.  I took some of the black that was leftover and cut a circle for mine.  You can go with any scrap construction paper as long as it is not the same color as your door.

Once your door is done, it is time to decorate.  Here one can just go wild, depending on what all you have.  Since my favorite Fairy name is Ginger, I put a “G” made with stars on my door.

If you have color pens, pencils or crayons, these could help make decorating even more fun. 

Once the door is done, you can either tape it or use that sticky tack stuff to put it against the base board.  Now the kids and knock on the door and see if they can get the Fairy to come out and play.

All photos in this short article were taken by the author.

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